About Us

Our reputation for excellence is based on a solid foundation of good management, attention to detail, care for our clients, rigorous staff selection & training.

Ideal Communication Concepts Ltd (ICC) is incorporated in Kenya, registration certificate number CPR/2009/9152. ICC began operating as a single proprietor company in 1996 and was incorporated in August, 2009. It is committed to changing the media landscape in Kenya and beyond by offering innovative client-tailored media services. ICC’s services are based on tested media theories and practices and are designed to meet the individual expectations of Its clients.

Our Driving Principles

Turning you into a thought leader


The model company providing innovative client-tailored services through tested communication theories and practices designed to meet individual expectations of its clientele.


The thought leader in corporate and development communication within Africa and beyond.

Guiding Principles


Integrity creates trust. As an organization, collectively, it’s our most valuable asset. Individually, it’s the constant choice to infuse every action with honesty, fairness, and respect for clients and colleagues alike.


Impact demonstrates the immeasurable power of our shared values and collective effort to effect positive, ground-breaking change and deliver excellence for our customers, colleagues, and communities.


Innovation motivates action: to take risks, encourage curiosity and new ideas, learn from mistakes, and constantly strive to exceed expectations. Through innovation, we generate solutions for our customers and raise the bar.

Reliable Consultancy Solutions

Ideal Communication Concepts Ltd has undertaken assignments for reputable organizations including the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA); World Wide Fund for Nature, (WWF-ROA): Help Age International: the Netherlands Deployment Organization (SNV): World Vision South Sudan and Somalia, Independent Medical and Legal Unit (IMLU): Elections Observation Group and Development initiatives (DI), Kenya Medical Association (KMA) among others.