Media Productions

Solutions that result in change of livelihoods

Media Productions

The trajectory of a project aimed at improving livelihoods of communities or mitigating shocks that come with natural disasters calls for documentation of Stories of Change (SoCs). The main purpose of developing the SoCs is to explore and demonstrate change that has occurred as a result of a project or programme.

The activity is professionally carried out either by letting the video or photography capture impact or case studies written out with the narrative on the voices of the primary stakeholders.

The documentaries we produce for organizations are not just shot but meticulously planned through the development of storyboards, scientifically originated tools, for the right responses and edited to precision with input from the organization that we are producing for, forming the threading of the storyline. The case studies that we produce in print form, are treated to tooth and comb print editing style, given the apt design to include infographics and other illustrations that include well captioned photos. Some organizations prefer captioned photos only while others prefer having a photobook as the final result.

We are ready to deliver whichever options but with quality, keeping to global specs on media productions.

  • Documentaries
  • Still photography for development projects
  • Features
  • Case studies
  • Online or physical newsletters, magazines and other related products
  • Factsheets, brochures or fliers either for online or physical use
  • Production of annual reports, project reports or whichever product related to such.
  • Production for education materials for use by learners and educators