Development Communication

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Development Communication

It is race against time, towards fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) whose review is set for the year 2030. Governments globally have domesticated the goals through respective frameworks. The challenge is, how best to engage communities to enable articulate gaps in development policies. Emerging constructs on climate change, community health, agricultural economy, human rights-based approaches in development call for ownership of development messages by the communities, hence the coming to life of the phrase participatory development.

Development has to be a shared responsibility with Non -Government Organizations (NGOs) or Civil Society Organizations (CBOs) or Community Based Organizations (CBOs) being facilitators or simply implementation agencies and not the main actors at community level. Community mobilization and participation today provide the much-needed antidote to communicating results of interventions, more so the impact and sustainability. There is also an increasing support for decentralization and ownership of interventions in Water, Sanitation and Health (WASH), agriculture, climate change, education, human rights among others.

Effective Impact

We are therefore able to effectively translate your Theory of Change (ToC) into an accountability narrative for your development partners and other stakeholders through the development of evidence-based documentation products and activities.

  • Advocacy communications
  • Behavior change communication (BCC)
  • Data Driven Advocacy (DDA)
  • Stakeholder communications
  • Donor communications
  • Theatre for Development (TfD)